Mimine Ag from her real name Yasmine Agbantou is a Beninese- French fashion and print designer born in Paris and raised in Benin. Mimine is the nickname her mother gave her from the day she was born and Ag are the two first letters of her surname. The brand is pronounced as Meemeen A.G.

She graduated from Ravensbourne University in London with a fashion and print design BA for womenswear.

Mimine Ag is a luxury Couture brand based in London who recently started ventured into Ready-To-Wear. The brand is attention to detail focused and gives the promise of exquisite haute couture techniques to always provide a perfect fit and fine tailored pieces for all morphology. Especially in a society where women feel like they need to look a certain way, we try to design pieces for every shape and form without loosing this element of sexy. Being sexy is not only a matter of looks but also a matter of attitude and confidence. Our collections are mainly tributes to women empowerment. The Mimine Ag woman does not try to fit in the society she lives in. She makes her own statement through the way she dresses and behaves.

Mimine Ag has gained experience over the years by working for brand such as RALPH & RUSSO (HAUTE COUTURE HOUSE), PETER PILOTTO, TOPSHOP, TATANAKA, THE VAMPIRE’S WIFE and HALPERN STUDIO.